The point isn’t to distribute fruits. It is to plant trees.

Abhay Kochar Foundation is the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of the Kochar group, founded in 2018. It is dedicated to providing education, employment, and entrepreneurship to the underprivileged of society. We aim to educate children who cannot afford education, provide them with employment when they are ready and fund them with entrepreneurship.

Besides, we are looking forward to uplifting the life of differently-abled children through technology. We believe everyone should get the chance to lead a quality life. Abhay Kochar Foundation is building technologies for differently-abled so life gets easier for them, especially those who do not have access to it. We believe in lighting up the lamp if darkness is around us.

Making sure technology evicts discrimination

Edu- Van

Edu-van is a mobile classroom, designed and developed by Kochar. It is a self-learning management system equipped with laptops, tablets, and smartphones. These E-Vans are fully green and they move around in different locations. We are making sure the kids get used to the next generation learning system so they can also be part of the world of advancement.

Project Drishti

Project Drishti is moving towards empowering the blind to ‘see’ with Artificial Intelligence-based object detection. It is a self-sustaining model enabled with the live-assistance system for visually disabled. A visually impaired person can point their device in the direction of where they think something might be–say, a water bottle–and a voice will say that the system recognizes that object.

Project Awaaz

In the same vein, Project Awaaz will empower the deaf to ‘listen’ with a sign-language interpreter. The gadgets will be equipped with a live video assistant and real-time automated text to speech facility. The system uses an advanced form of automatic text to speech recognition to convert direct text into fluent language. It will provide emergency services and on-demand conversations around the clock.

Empowering society with Education, Employment, and Entrepreneurship

Free Pathshala

Free Pathshala provides free education to children of construction workers. The Gurgaon based NGO provides education in public parks in 6 locations. Kochar Group supports and provides counselling of the children through frequent visits to the Pathshalas. We also compensate some of the teachers who devoted their lives to the cause.

Seva Tirth

The organization works for the vocational training of people with special needs. Seva Tirth is an Old age home, orphanage and skill development centre based out of Vadodara. Abhay Kochar Foundation not only supports vocational rehab of the differently-abled but also works to spread awareness to evict the social stigma glued to them.


Abhay Kochar Foundation closely works with society to help and educate the children. Pingalwara is a charitable society in Amritsar for the homeless, sick, specially-abled, and the orphaned. We donate clothes, food, and other utilities to the children and take care of their needs along with spending quality time with them.

Ibadat Special School

Amritsar based, Ibadat Special School is a centre for children and adults with mental and cognitive disabilities. It runs by social workers and teachers trained to educate special children. We regularly visit the school to counsel physically able students and lend a hand in organizing sales for handicrafts prepared by the children themselves.

Touching lives through Technology

The technology has broken the barriers of discrimination in every form. We are making sure it reaches the needful. Our goal is to make it less difficult for them to experience the beautiful world. Abhay Kochar Foundation tries best to provide a meaningful life to those who do not have access to it. Our motive is to identify their potential and help them with all the possible infrastructure. We have established 8 study centers and provide faculty in each. Over 300 kids have been impacted and brought them back to the mainstream and more than 100 kids have been moved to regular schools. We believe in creating a self-sufficient ecosystem of skilled individuals who will grow to empower the lives of those like them.

Our Success Stories