Little Drops Make The Mighty Ocean

From strategy and product development to marketing and building a client & investor network, Kochar, as an incubation venture provides for all integral support a business needs while its on its way out of the nest.

Maximizing Customer Experience

Next generation Contact Center & Outsourcing Service Provider

Single Source of Truth

AI-based Knowledge Management Solutions

Intelligent Security Solutions

IoT Solutions & Managed Services for Enterprises and Consumers

MDM solutions for enterprises

Solutions for Lockdown, Remote Device Management

Remote Employee Monitoring

Web & mobile platform to monitor & measure productivity of remote workforce.

Gets You Ahead

Upskilling Academy

Wollen Fabric & Garments

Woven Fabric Manufacturing & Processing Unit

Made to Measure Wollen Store

Bespoke Wollen Garments

A Phulkari Collective

An initiative to promote Phulkari, centuries-old folk embroidery, in fusion with other crafts of India.